Educating the Young Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders Resource Book


A resource book to help teachers and parents include students with autism spectrum disorders in a challenging, busy classroom. Grades PreK-3. 64 pages. Ages 4-9.

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Move from diagnosis to inclusion to education using Educating the Young Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders for all grades. Because of a trend toward inclusion, increased incidence, and increased and broadening diagnosis, many teachers can expect to encounter students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Students with ASD can be challenging to teach, especially in a busy, noisy, elementary classroom. ASD causes these students to struggle with communication and socialization, which affects all aspects of their lives.

This 64-page teacher resource book guides teachers through all steps of:

  • introducing a student with ASD into the classroom
  • participating on an IEP team
  • developing a welcoming classroom
  • fostering social development and communication
  • moving forward with the curriculum

The book also includes a special section for parents.


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